Capone (Josh Trank, 2020), Vertical Entertainment, USA, DCP, colour, sound, 104 minutes, Al Capone (Tom Hardy)


Josh Trank returns and hedges his bets on a signature Tom Hardy performance

Villain (Philip Barantini, 2020), Vertigo Releasing / Saban Films, UK, colour, sound 97 minutes


Polished British gangster flick hits with surprising emotional depth

Liberté (Albert Serra, 2019), Cinema Guild, France/Portugal/Spain, DCP, colour, sound, 132 minutes


Albert Serra pushes cinematic limits, but the results fall short of aspired subversion

Ema (Pablo Larraín, 2019), MUBI, Chile, colour, sound, 107 minutes, Ema (Mariana Di Girolamo), Gastón (Gael García Bernal)


Pablo Larraín couches conventionality in otherwise vibrant cinematic tricks


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