“Film goes beyond logic to articulate a truth that reason denies, a repressed truth. Film reminds us of ourselves, acts as psychotherapy, religious transcendence, and philosophical stimuli. In sensuousness aesthetics, we encounter terrifying beauty, ineffable pleasure, and transgressive imagination. The lowly becomes dignified, feeling becomes intellect. Within film lies personal liberation, ontogenetic growth, a signpost towards The Way.”

David, on why he loves cinema


David is a graduate of Film Studies (BA) from King’s College London and an alumnus of Film Aesthetics (M.St.) from The University of Oxford

A cinephile from the North of England, his interests concern the intersection of cinema, aesthetics, and psychodynamic psychology.

David earned his Bachelors degree on the topic of dialectics, culture war, and political symbolism in contemporary superhero cinema, specifically ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (2016), and his Masters degree on phenomenological aesthetics in the films of British director Andrea Arnold, supervised by Professor Andrew Klevan. 

As Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Electric Ghost Magazine, David wants to establish a base for fearless critical commentary which values the aesthetic experience, discernment in analysis, and the strong individual voice. He is inspired by erudite art critics like Walter Pater, T.S. Eliot, Oscar Wilde, V.F. Perkins, Raymond Durgnat, Camille Paglia, Pauline Kael, and Nick Pinkerton.


David is a “Tomatometer-approved” film critic and has featured in sundry publications including Little White LiesPhotogénie, The UpcomingLive for Films, and easternKicks.

He has published in peer-reviewed film and philosophy journals such as Film International and The International Philological Forum, as well as research projects including Fantasy/Animation and Cities in Cinema. He also operates as an editor for the philosophy journal Evental Aesthetics.

David has presented academic research at The University of Kent as part of the Theology, Religion and Popular Culture Network and he is a member of The British Society of Aesthetics and the Aesthetics & Ethics Research Group. He holds a CPD certificate in Depth Psychology and is a graduate of “The Jungian Film School” from the Center for Applied Jungian Studies.

In his life, David has worked as a kitchen porter in restaurants and bars, an NHS receptionist, a photojournalist, a production runner, a theatre and concert critic, a classroom assistant, and a paperboy. He currently resides in Clerkenwell, London.


Psychosexual drama is an intoxicating mix of sex, violence, and masculinity


Thomas Vinterberg crafts a fun if surprisingly anodyne movie that celebrates moderation.


Russell Crowe excels in a delightfully unambitious pulp thriller


Tom Hanks plays with battleships in a taut and impressionistic passion project


Polished British gangster flick hits with surprising emotional depth


Joyfully bombastic but soulless corporate entertainment that extracts from other films


Documentary exposes the hypocrisy and fallacy at the heart of the Green Movement, but isn’t quite bold enough


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