“In antiquity, the ancients distinguished between the true and valuable dreams which were sent to the dreamer as warnings, or to foretell future events, and the vain, fraudulent and empty dreams, whose object was to misguide him or lead him to destruction. “

Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams (1899)

Electric Ghost Magazine (est. 2016) is an international online film publication that seeks to continue the work of the ancients, only with our collective dreams—cinema.

Our creed is based on what we think film enthusiasts want to read: informative, engaging, open-minded film journalism devoid of political dogma, literary cliches, and commentariat groupthink.

Our writers have absolute freedom to write about whatever film-related topic they want, uncensored, and unburdened by notions of perceived ungainliness. We have nothing to lose.

We believe in editorial curation as well as viewpoint diversity. As such we are  proud to publish writers of varying persuasions under one apolitical brand. 

With a mission to provide independent and insightful film journalism, propelled by a team of cinema lovers and experts, we write to promote the true, the good, and the beautiful in the movies.




David is a Northern-born, London-based graduate of Film Studies (BA) from King’s College London and Film Aesthetics (MSt) from The University of Oxford. He has written for Film International, Little White Lies, Photogénie, and more.



Patrick is a Brooklyn-based graduate of Literature (BA) from State University of New York, Purchase College. He has written on film, music, and literature for America Magazine, Little White Lies, Metrograph Edition, Photogénie, The Quietus, Ultra Dogme, Commonweal Magazine, Screen Slate, and The Purchase Phoenix.



Ruairí is a Belfast-based graduate of English Literature with Film Studies (BA) from University College Dublin and Film Studies (MA) from Queen’s University Belfast. He runs a monthly film column for Film Hub NI, sits on the board of the Sligo Film Society, and has written for Little White Lies, Photogénie, The Thin Air, Ultra Dogme, and Berlin Film Journal.



Savina Petkova is a PhD candidate in Film Studies at King’s College London. She earned a BA in Philosophy from Sofia University and an MA in Film Studies from University College London. As a freelance writer and commentator, she has contributed to MUBI Notebook, Girls on Tops, Photogénie, The Cinematologists Podcast, and Screen Queens.