Welcome back to electric ghost! We hope you like our new look, which will be refined over the next few weeks and beyond. We’re feeling more ambitious than ever before, determined to provide unique cultural criticism and engage with the most exciting young writers and thinkers on film art today.

For our return, we felt it was appropriate to consider film criticism itself. There was no better place to start than a chat with critic, Nick Pinkerton. Pinkerton is not only admired by our contributors, many of them honed their craft under his tutelage. Patrick Preziosi arranged a cordial conversation about Pinkerton’s new book and other topics in film culture. It can’t be missed.

We also wanted polemics and praises. Ruairi McCanncelebrates Pietro Marcello’s Martin Eden, while Savina Petkovahas an infectious conversation with an emerging talent: Georgian director Dea Kulumbegashvili, discussing her award-winning feature, Beginning.

On the critical side, Edward Weech questions the role of the critic during a time of flourishing community appreciation. Meanwhile, Masha Egieva takes on a critical darling: the “feminist film” and committed art—film’s that, like many critics, are out to educate you.